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Tengerine Services

"Services You Can Trust,Quality You Can Afford"

What is Tangerine Services?

Tangerine Services is an Event Management and Marketing Solution Agency based in New Delhi. Over the years with our market insight and perseverance, we have assisted many international and national brands to reach the epitome of market recognition. At Tangerine Services we acknowledge and preach that the market is ever changing and requires a dynamic plan to increase and optimize the current profit.


Our vision is to facilitate our clients to reach their goals and targets, without compromising moral ethics. We understand that success is not about striking out agendas from the checklist, but rather about going beyond the mundane. We believe in transforming the ordinary into extraordinary.

Our Services

We at Tangerine, provides a wide array of services to our clients including:

  • Event Management
  • Outdoor Branding
  • Digital Marketing
  • IT Services
  • Web Designing
  • and much more

internet marketing

Internet Marketing is the best way to promote your products or services globally; it turns your business into a brand. It helps you to build a strong impact of your business in the Global Market. That’s why all the traditional marketing techniques are collected together and is very useful. Not only it has more global reach but it is also very cost effective. Advantages of Internet marketing have made this compulsory for all businesses that are looking to have some online
IT Services

Tangerine Services -"The Most Important Things Are Not Things, So We Will Design Experiences".

Our clients

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